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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Arlington, TX

Facing serious criminal charges?

When you are arrested for a criminal offense, it is important that you take necessary measures to protect your rights. At Bauguss Law Firm, we believe in providing clients with the best legal support possible, despite the circumstances. We always take an aggressive approach, building a strong defense for your case. With more than eight years of experience, you can rest assured that our firm will help you protect your rights. We never waste time with our clients’ cases, gathering data and building a strategy right away. No matter what charges you may be facing, an Arlington criminal defense attorney from our firm is prepared to help.

Whether you are facing DWI charges or you have been accused of assault, we may be able to provide you with the legal guidance you need. We have successfully handled thousands of cases, securing the results our clients deserve. It’s our goal to ensure that every individual receives justice for their case. We understand that just because of an individual’s complicated past, they are not automatically guilty. We have helped clients clear their name of certain charges, even while in jail for other convictions. If you are looking for aggressive and effective legal support against your criminal charges, we have the experience to help.

No matter what type of charges you are facing, our firm is prepared to fight for you. We offer clients the legal counsel they need to pursue justice for their case. If you are looking for a lawyer to provide you with a strong and effective defense, an Arlington criminal defense attorney from our law firm is ready to help.

Defending the Accused

We provide support for a wide range of criminal charges, including theft, drug charges and assault. If you are charged with assault, you may be facing a felony or misdemeanor charge. Whether facts have been exaggerated or you acted out of self-defense, our firm will help you clear up your criminal charges. In the case of theft, such as shoplifting, robbery or embezzlement, you will need to secure legal support as soon as possible. Penalties may vary, depending on whether the charges were filed in state or federal court. Drug crimes are subject to both state and federal charges, starting with misdemeanor charges. Any charge due to possession of a controlled substance, could lead to serious and life-altering convictions.

Other charges you may need legal representation for include:

  • Computer Crimes
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Homicide
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Weapon & Firearm Charges

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