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Our firm is focused on providing clients with aggressive legal support in all of our practice areas. We know how important it is to have a lawyer you can trust, which is why we strive to build personal relationships with each of our clients.

No matter what type of charges you may be facing, our firm is prepared to help. We have tried hundreds of cases before a jury, which is more than most lawyers handle in an entire career. Our firm has also handled thousands of cases outside of court, recovering millions of dollars in settlements.

As a smaller firm, we focus on the client, not just the case. With a variety of practice areas, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible legal support. If you are looking for an aggressive and dependable lawyer, Bauguss Law Firm has the legal expertise you need. We are your trusted and experienced Collin, Denton, and Tarrant County Attorney to turn to.

To learn more about how our firm can help, please do not hesitate to contact us today at (972) 441-5555!

Our Areas of Expertise

Auto Accidents
Is the insurance company refusing to pay your bills after a serious accident? At Bauguss Law Firm, we take an aggressive approach to help clients recover the compensation they deserve. We will provide you with the legal support you need to handle your personal injury case.

Criminal Defense
Whether you are facing criminal charges for stolen property or assault, our firm will help you clear up the accusations. We understand how important it is to keep your record clean or avoid further prison time. We have won trials with clients who were currently in prison for other crimes, proving our ability to gain justice, despite the circumstances.

DWI Defense
Don’t let a DWI conviction go on your permanent record. If you are convicted of intoxicated driving in the state of Texas, it is usually not on option to have the charges dismissed down the road. We are ready to help you fight these charges.

Employment Discrimination
In the state of Texas, there are certain laws and restrictions on employee termination. If you believe an employer has fired you due to gender, race, religion or national origin, you may have a case against them.